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Infants have extremely sensitive skin that are prone to abrasions, it then becomes very important to always use materials or products that are skin friendly, non-abrasive and chemical free. Comfortable wear and feel is essential in making apparels for children. Our baby product range is specially curated and crafted to adhere to all standards .

Baby Care Apparels

Comfort, Mobility and ease of access are major aspects of modern baby Clothes.


Infants and toddlers need comfortable clothing that neither irritates nor binds and provides protection from severe weather.


Select safe clothing that is suitable to the child's age and stage of development. Cleanliness is important to health and safety.


Clothing durability depends on fabric and workmanship. Baby's clothes should be soft, light weight and durable after frequent washing and wearing.

Baby Bedding Sets

Baby Bedding

Comforter, Fitted Sheet, Bolster, Crib set, Window Valance, Murals, Nap bags, Swaddle blanket, scarf, scratch mitts & Bibs. 

Juvenile Bedding

Comforter & Pillow case.


Baby Products

Babies are especially vulnerable even during sweet sleep. It is important to make sure that the fabrics which you used for baby do not contain any synthetic fiber impurities. The West Coast Weaving Establishment is a GOTS certified company that ensures premium quality organic fabric is used in their products.  The GOTS certification guarantees, 

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Baby Clothes & Apparels
Baby Clothes & Apparels
Baby Clothes & Apparels