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The West Coast Weaving Establishment’s product line covers all types of Fabrics in running length for furnishing and Made-Ups includes Table linen, Table Mats, Runners, Napkins, Bed Linen, Duvet Cover, Pillow Case, Quilted Bed Spreads, Flat Sheet, Fitted Sheet, Apron, Mitten, Tea Towels, Curtains, Cushions & Cushion Covers. Bathmats, Bathrobe & Towels. In addition to this regular stream of products, we are capable of manufacturing any new design on lines of Customer-specific requirements.


The entire range of products that we manufacture command the highest quality on par with European yarns, dyestuffs and finishing guaranteeing  color fastness of 0 to 90 degree centigrade washability. We can offer Teflon, Water Proof, Anti-bacterial, fire retardant, stain guard and wrinkle-free on fabrics according to the specific requirements.


We promise to keep spinning a tale of elegance and exquisite products, delivering whatever you dare to dream, time and again. Entwine your thoughts with our magical looms and together let us weave beautiful yards of the highest quality fabric in the loveliest designs yet seen. We use most modern equipment (Hand Loom, Power Loom, Auto Loom(Sulzer, Air jet)) imported from Italy and Japan to weave high quality fabrics. 

We offer products according to the Buyer’s requirements.



Cotton Denim

Our Products Range

We customize products to satisfy the unique needs of our customers with fabrics woven from pure cotton and other blends suitable for furnishings, shirting's, dress materials and made-ups.

Cotton Fabric-Clothing


We provide both small and large scale manufacturing services for our customers.

Curtains and Window Decorations

Textile for Bed Rooms

A restorative sleep is critical for your well being . Harness and enjoy sleep in absolute comfort with our bedding products.

Baby Bedding Set

Baby Bedding Sets & other products

We know that a baby's necessities takes precedence over everything else . Chemical free and naturally sourced materials ensures a safe space for your newborn . Organic cotton is an ideal fabric for a baby with sensitive skin.

Kitchen Towels

Kitchen Textiles

The gifts of earth are brought and prepared in the kitchen. Little effort can make kitchen look much more inviting.

Bath Towel

Bath and Closet Accessories

Clean and tidy bathroom boost your morale. High quality fabrics ensure your health and safety.

Our focused product

Our Focused Products

Over the years our customers have found some of our products particularly remarkable, we would like to introduce you to them.

Hotel and Institutional Linens

The esteem of institutions is exhibited through the quality of its fabrics. Ensure your establishment's reputation is upheld with our professionally crafted institutional linen range .


Curtains & Window Decoration

Dress your windows gorgeously with curtains and decorations with our products carefully crafted to suite your individual preferences.

Cushions and cushion covers

Cushions & Cushion Covers

Liven up your living room with ebullient colors available in our product range. We also offer the ability to craft products according to your preferences, reach out to us for more information.

Dining Clothes


A gourmet experience consists of exquisite food and gorgeous environment, we got you covered on the latter.


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Stitching Unit

High Quality Arsenal

Our products are the result of the culmination of a variety of processes and materials involved in these procedures. To truly create things of value, every single operation and material used must be flawless, and through our diligent maintenance of everything involved in the creation of our products, we ensure and guarantee a great accessory for you. 

Weaving Fabric into Dreams

You deserve the best. Come and Join Us!

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