Soft Furnishings

The importance of aptly furnishing and decorating bedroom’s cannot be understated. A place to retire and recuperate after a hard day must be cozy and inviting.Take your pick from a wide range of our products, all carefully crafted with comfort and customers in mind.

Duvet Cover


Duvet, Duvet covers, Flat sheets, Bed spreads, Bed sheets, Pillow covers, Decorative pillow covers, Quilts, Quilted Blankets, Comforters, Multi covers and Coverlets. 

Quilts & Quilted Blankets

Natural, hypoallergenic fiber bedding sets are the best choice to avoid unpleasant sensations or allergic reactions. Breathable fabrics such as cotton sateen, Satin bedding and satin sheets keeps you comfortable.

Quilted Blankets

Comforter, Pillows & Pillow Cases

A pile of squashy pillows and cushions on a bed looks very cozy and welcoming. Materials used for sheeting and pillowcases should be soft to touch and easily washable. 

Bed Sheet